This is Our Story


That would be me

I'm Amal Roy, Creative Director and also seen as the man running around with a camera. After having done my Masters in Fine Arts and then trained under Rajiv Menon's school of cinematography, I worked in the film industry for four years until one day when I saw a close friend's wedding video. That's when I realized that the preciousness of such an event deserves something more than a dry and traditional form of expression. And after many experiments in new horizons of wedding film-making, emphasizing on authentic, candid storytelling, DreamWedz Wedding Films was born; now known as Amal Roy Films. Since 2011, we've been dedicated to creatively capturing beautiful wedding stories all over the globe.


How I Work

This is your day, not ours 🙂 We get the job done while being comfortably discreet in the background. Many of our couples wonder, “how did you get that shot, you weren’t even there?”. But we were! And that’s how low key we are. We achieve this by not bringing along big and intimidating equipment like cranes or strong lights. Instead we keep it minimal and focus on capturing honest visuals and critical elements of sound which bring new meaning and depth to our films. Our aim is to not direct the scene or bother the couple or guests with our presence and often, we work best when we show up as friends with a camera!

What you get

Here’s the thing; you won’t be getting 90’s style videos with cheesy directed scenes and shiny blue effects 😉 Instead, look forward to getting your unique wedding film that’s not only filled with lots of emotion and live audio, but also a beautiful narration of your whole story from a sincere, fresh and fun perspective. Whether it’s the best of highlights or a mini featurette, your wedding package can be customized as per your requirements.